Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waterborne toxoplasmosis

Just what we need - another way to get infected by Toxoplasmosis.

Waterborne toxoplasmosis – Recent developments
Humans become infected with Toxoplasma gondii mainly by ingesting uncooked meat containing viable tissue cysts or by ingesting food or water contaminated with oocysts from the feces of infected cats. Circumstantial evidence suggests that oocyst-induced infections in humans are clinically more severe than tissue cyst-acquired infections. Until recently, waterborne transmission of T. gondii was considered uncommon, but a large human outbreak linked to contamination of a municipal water reservoir in Canada by wild felids and the widespread infection of marine mammals in the USA provided reasons to question this view. The present paper examines the possible importance of T. gondii transmission by water.

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Emily Sherman said...'s kind of scary to think that Toxoplasmosis could be waterborne as well. Though, I think too many people automatically blame cats for transmission of this infection instead of understanding that it can mostly be from food. But actually there are biotech companies that develop drugs, vaccines, and treatments for toxoplasmosis and they need people with recent or recurring toxoplasmosis infections to donate plasma. They actually will pay money, like around $800 or more, or will give that money to a charity of a donor's choice for each plasma donation. Google "paid plasma donations" and definitely check it out. Sounds like even if you end up with toxoplasmosis, there are still some ways to benefit, and at the same time, help benefit scientists who want to improve medical treatment & prevention of this infection. Thanks for the article!