Sunday, February 6, 2011

AIDS and Conspiracy

There are several half-supported theories suggesting that AIDS is a deliberate disease, created or procured by the US government in order to infect and kill unwanted people in America and in other countries. One theory, published in India in 1894, suggested that HIV was found in monkeys in Africa and brought to the American military's biological weapons research lab, Fort Detrick, where it was decided to be perfect for the American government's plans. Another theory, published in 1986, suggested that the virus was created at the very same research lab, but by splicing together the genomes of other viruses.

But why would the government want to kill people? Some say the government decided to do away with junkies and homosexuals in the states, and in Africa, just everybody poor in general. It was said that the government saw these groups as "undesirable". Apparently, the government gave the junkies HIV tainted heroin, and the gays and Africans were given mass "vaccinations" so they would get the virus. Today, there are an estimated 31-34 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. A surprising proportion are in Africa, but the virus is present around the world.

Although there is sparse and semi-plausible support for some theories, it seems obvious that the government did not create the virus. Why would they create a virus to which almost everyone is susceptible? Why would they choose a virus that takes YEARS to kill anyone, if that was their goal in the beginning? Like most theories, some people still believe, because completely disproving something like that is very near impossible. Most understand that the theories are just that, unproven theories. But at the end of all this there remains one theory that has not seen any direct discrediting. The theory that God sent the virus to Earth as a plague to infect homosexuals for their sins, and others for tolerating these sins. Now I just don't know what to believe!

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John Latto said...

That's a pretty crude approach by a supposed omnipotent God. A LOT of babies have died of AIDS, a lot of faithful people (in both senses of the word) have died of AIDS.

If you believe in an omnipotent God why would s/he use such a crude tool when they have the ability to smite with greater specificity?

Of course it could all be part of God's mysterious plan but that's why religious explanations are not testable. Science is not about disproving God but about finding out if there is a non-supernatural explanation for phenomena. In the case of AIDS we don't need to resort to a supernatural explanation when similar viruses are making the leap into human populations as we speak (watch Nathan Wolfe's video below).