Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More than a disease...a WEAPON

Bioterrorism, or use of the Ebola virus as a biological weapon, is a common fear of people who know about the virus. There is not much information published about the bioterrorism potential of Ebola, obviously for security reasons. However, scientists do say that altering the Ebola virus for biological warfare is possible although unlikely. The difficulty in changing Ebola to a potential virus is twofold: first, the Ebola virus would have to be airborne to be effective.... Second, the Ebola virus would have to be transported in a way that is not fatal to the people who use it as a weapon, or would have to be carried by people who are willing to die a gruesome death. It is unknown how many people would be willing to do this.

Ebola to be used as a method of warfare?? Just another thing to add to the list...

More information in this full article

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