Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expedited Partner Therapy

Yesterday's LA Times had an article about some new programs to help combat sexually transmitted disease.

They mainly talk about the 'I want the kit' program that supplies free in-home testing kits for three of the most commonly reported STDs, however they also mention the Get Yourself Talking, Get Yourself Tested program and the more controversial  Expedited Partner Therapy  (EPT) which allows those who test positive for certain sexually transmitted diseases to take home antibiotics for up to three partners without a health care provider first examining the partners.

Although this is not legal in all states (see the map at the CDC website) the CDC has reviewed the evidence and concludes that EPT is a useful option particularly for treatment of male partners of women with chlamydial infection or gonorrhea.

(Graphic is from inSPOT a website that allows you to send electronic postcards anonymously or from your email address to your sex partners to inform them that you have an STD).

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