Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toxoplasmosis in Humans

It seems that toxoplasmosis transmission is not only a problem for seals, but also for humans, who can fairly easily come into contact with the disease. For example, people can accidentally ingest the harmful parasite through normal practices such as gardening. If an infected cat's feces are in the soil and a gardener does not wash his or her hands before eating, the person can accidentally swallow the parasite. People can also come into contact with the parasite while cleaning their cat's litter box and failing to wash their hands afterward. So if you have a cat make sure that you always wash your hands after cleaning the litter box or do things outdoors where your cat may have been roaming around!
Humans can also become infected through contaminated or undercooked food products, and, less commonly, through blood transfusion or mother-to-child transmission.

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