Monday, February 7, 2011


In 1995, "Outbreak," a movie about the spread of the fictional Motaba virus, was released in the United States. Although the name "Motaba" was used, the virus in the movie was very similar the ebola virus, as it had an extremely high mortality rate and was very infectious. In addition, the virus was transported to the United States via infected monkeys, which as we discussed in class today may have been the transmission route of the ebola virus. However, "Outbreak" seems to be a typical Hollywood movie, as violence and drama are added to the plotline. Apparently, commanding officials in Africa decide to bomb the sites with the outbreak in an attempt to halt further infection. Also, a new airborne strain of the virus emerges which proves infectious to humans. As we know, however, this situation is not the same with the ebola virus, as the Reston strain only affects animals.

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