Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Ebola Syndrome"

The movie "Ebola Syndrome" was released in 1996, which chronicles the life of a murderer, Sam, who contracted the Ebola virus from a woman he raped in South Africa. He then spreads this virus to the costumers in his restaurant by serving them parts of his victims' bodies, causing an outbreak. The authorities realize that he Sam responsible for spreading the Ebola virus, so he flees to Hong Kong, where another outbreak occurs.

Although this movie is clearly a dramatization of the reality of the Ebola virus, it nonetheless reveals the fear and uncertainty caused by the infection. Watch the disturbing, yet mildly entertaining trailer here. It is in Japanese, but is still easy to follow!

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John Latto said...

I like the first comment on the trailer:
Excellent film, I often show it to my friends and family. Now I have neither...

I'd heard of this film before but I'm not a big fan of gore movies so hadn't watched it. The trailer makes it look pretty funny though