Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flu shot scare or HOAX?

One of my friends showed me this video over the weekend. Desiree Jennings claimed to have contracted a highly rare case of the neurological disorder called "dystonia." After a routine flu shot, she claims to have suffered problems with speech, with walking, with eating, etc--unable to perform any of these normal tasks without seizing uncontrollably. However, after this story became such a hot topic in the news during a period of heightened vaccination scares, news teams discretely followed Desiree to track any improvements...and look what they found!


click on this youtube link for the surprising video!!

1 comment:

John Latto said...

'...the height of the flu shot scare'.

WHAT flu shot scare? The one you (the media) created by falling for stories like this. Oh, okay, that flu shot scare.