Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ebola in Music

Ebola has not been ignored in the music industry - the virus has been referenced in many songs in the past. All of the music I found referencing Ebola is rather obnoxious, involving a great deal of screaming and completely lacking pronunciation and clarity. One band, Heaps of Dead, wrote a song called "Ebola," which can be found here (but if you're sensitive to profanities, I suggest you do not watch this). Another band, AN, wrote a song called "Let There be Ebola Frost," which is similar in style to the previous song.

Both of these songs have angry, negative tones. In fact, as far as I can tell, the first line of "Let There be Ebola Frost" is simply "RAWR." Perhaps the artists created these songs with screaming and growling in order to emphasize the great deal of fear caused by the Ebola virus, or maybe their similarity is simply a coincidence. Nonetheless, they definitely make me more afraid of Ebola!

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John Latto said...

I agree. The first word is definitely RAWR, although it may be RAWR!

Is this death metal or black metal and is there a difference?

Traditional black metal vocals take the form of high-pitched shrieks, screams and snarls.This is in stark contrast to the low-pitched growls of death metal.

Why thank you Wikipedia. Is there any trivia related question you can't answer?

Although diseases seem to be a staple of metal bands there are a few other examples. I've added the music tag to your post so we can keep track of them. Click on the tag to see what we have so far. Including my favorite - Dengue Fever.