Monday, February 4, 2008

The World as You've Never Seen It

This Worldmapper website re-sizes countries for each area of interest. In the picture above, the territory size represents the proportion of people infected with HIV living there. Use the worldmapper to check out everything from the amount of smoking men to the amount of Cholera cases to the amout of car accidents to the amount of hospital beds. It is a great site that is fun and interesting to fool around on so, go for it! Worldmapper Home


John Latto said...

That's an amazing site and a fabulous visual tool. I actually have a pair of graphs I might show on Wednesday - the HIV graph together with graph 219: Physicians working:

Melinda said...
Have you checked out this map where you can report your symptoms and it will mark you on the map along with others that have the same symptoms. This would make John Snow's job a lot easier.