Sunday, February 3, 2008

2009 CDC Budget

As you may have seen details of President Bush's 2009 budget have been in the newspapers this weekend. He will submit it to congress on Monday. It projects a budget deficit around $400 billion in a $3 trillion dollar budget. Defense spending is projected to rise by about 7 percent to $515 billion and homeland security money by almost 11 percent. Most other programs see their budgets frozen or reduced.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention face a 7% cut of more than $430 million, including $27 million cut from its efforts to detect and control infectious diseases, and $28 million cut from chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

My math could be wrong here but it looks like the entire CDC budget (which must be around 6 billion if $430 million is 7% of it) is less than a fifth of the defense spending increase proposed for this year (the increase must be about $36 billion if it is 7% of $515 billion). It gets confusing when you have trillions, billions and millions in the same story....

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