Friday, February 29, 2008

Largest Beef Recall in US History...too late?

The 143 million pounds of beef that were recalled this February have most likely already been consumed! The Westland Hallmark Meat Packing Plant was investigated after the Humane Society accused this plant of abusing cows that were unable to stand. Videos show workers dragging cattle with chains, jabbing them with fork-lifts, and using electric shock on the cows in order to move them to be slaughtered. Beyond the atrociousness of these inhumane acts, the fact that these "downed" cows were slaughtered and sold is a serious threat to the American meat eaters because as we know, difficulty with balance and eventually, the inability to stand are symptoms of mad cow disease. Since the release of the video, the plant has been shut down and the two workers on the video are now facing charges of animal cruelty (however, the plant as a whole has no such charges). So...maybe hold off on the burgers for a while? For more: Click Here

To watch the video: Click Here.

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