Sunday, February 10, 2008

Discussion Reading Changes: Read Ch5 for 2/14 or 2/15

Given changes in the lecture schedule, we will also be changing the reading material for discussion this week. Previously, we were going to discuss a scientific paper on toxoplasmosis. Instead, please read Chapter 5 of The Coming Plague "Yambuku" which is about Ebola virus.

So, for Week 6, homework is to read Chapter 5.

For more 'background' on Ebola, check out the movie "Outbreak." It's fiction, and its not actually about Ebola (just an Ebola-like virus), but you are welcome to use this as an excuse to watch TV in the name of education. See if you recognize one of the characters from the sitcom "Friends."

I also highly recommend Richard Preston's non-fiction book "The Hot Zone," which is about Ebola and other hemorrhagic viruses. This book, and the aforementioned movie, were some of my favorites in high school.

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