Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Infectious Disease Podcast

For news and reviews in the realm of infectious disease, check out "Persiflagers Infectious Disease Podcast" (or look in the Science Podcasts section of iTunes). It is provided by a doctor from Oregon (who spells out MRSA rather than calling it mersa), so some of it is a bit 'doctory.' But not surprisingly, a cast from mid-December highlighted several of the themes John touched on in Monday's lecture, and which we will be discussing throughout the quarter. Examples include antibiotic resistance, recent Ebola outbreaks and the virus' possible trend towards lower virulence (that's bad), TB, effects of climate change on Dengue, etc.

This might be a good source of relevant and tangential topics for the blog and for discussion. Plus, when you tell friends what you are listening to, they'll know just how nerdy you really are (or how nerdy your TA is).

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