Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Impatient Patient Role Play info


as you prepare for the Role Play exercise next week you may run into a few links on the info sheets that I handed out in discussion which do not work. I've tried to track them down, find substitutes, and maybe add a few:

On the CEO Pharmaceutical Company sheet, I think this is the updated link to the penicillin story.

The rest seem up to date (at least, in the last 5 years). The CDC based information all seems to have links/references to the primary literature too.

For more information on how microbes work, try this University of Wisconsin web page, or this "MicrobeWorld" Website, who seem to be friends with the folks selling the stuffed animal microbes.

I will try to add some more as I find it. Feel free to leave good sites you find in the comments.

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