Sunday, January 13, 2008

Epidemiology and Virtual Virus

This is an article that I found interesting that relates to our discussion on Epidemiology. Since last August, this was the first time that a virtual virus has infected a virtual human being in a manner resembling an actual epidemiological event. This has open up the field of Epidemiology with scientists now perhaps able to use certain virtual models to answer questions such as How many people will run away from a quarantine? Will they become more or less co-operative if they are scared? instead of being limited to punching in numbers in math models. Here's the link to the article is anyone is interested.,22049,22281585-5012895,00.html

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John Latto said...

I saw that story when it happened and had lots of questions.
There seemed some conflicting reports about whether this was a 'mistake' (ie the 'disease' was not meant to leave a certain area but did) or whether the code writers did not anticipate how severe it would be.

How did people/characters behave? Did they realize it was an infectious disease? Were there examples of people deliberately spreading the disease? Any examples of spontaneous community quarantines?(there is some mention of quarantines imposed by the company). How permanent is death in this game? Does it cause any real loss of $ or time investment or can you pick it up from where you left off?