Friday, January 25, 2008

The Bubonic Plague and Imperialism in Africa

As I was researching topics related to the Bubonic Plague I continually landed on sites referencing this book which I thought looked quite interesting. The book, "Black Death, White Medicine: Bubonic Plague and the Politics of Public Health in Colonial Senegal, 1914-1945 (Social History of Africa)" by Myron J. Echenberg, looks into the effects of imperialism on the ecology of the Bubonic Plague in Africa, more specifically Senegal. Echenberg examines the conflict between western medicine and African healing methods as well as the segregationist practices (and the resistance to them) that emerged during the 1914 to 1945 Plague period in Senegal. The book looks quite fascinating. For more information: Click Here.


John Latto said...

That does sound like an interesting book. A more general book on this topic is 'Ecological Imperialism' by Alfred Crosby. Although it covers some of the same ground as Jared Diamond's 'Guns germs and steel' it was written about 5 years earlier and I prefer Crosby's book.

Bill said...

I found some interesting facts about the Bubonic Plague here. Check it out!