Thursday, January 13, 2011

Psychological Effects of Tuberculosis

Although further evidence is needed to prove the correlation between susceptibility to tuberculosis and a specific personality disorder. However, individuals who react to stress with loss of appetite and loss of sleep as opposed to overeating and oversleeping seem to be more likely to acquire the disease. The common features of those who seem to be more predisposed include "inertia, fatigability, oscillating mood, perseverance, irritability, converted sex trends, suggestibility, hypersensitiveness, suicidal trends, depression, and abnormal respiratory behavior". At this point of research, it is difficult to tell if these traits increased susceptibility, or are merely a result of the disease. However, it does seem there might be several character structures that are more prone to acquire the disease than others.
In a large number of tuberculosis cases, emotional conflict appears to inhibit recovery or situations where a patient who previously showed signs of improvement relapses due to a major life change.

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