Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lyme Disease in the Media

It's hard to know what's more disturbing about Andy Abrahams Wilson's new documentary, Under Our Skin—the portrayal of the devastating effects of untreated chronic Lyme disease, or the film's assertion that the disease is being ignored because of the medical establishment's greed and self-dealing. Either way, after you see the film you will think twice about strolling barefoot through the grass, and those of us who have (or have had) Lyme will probably insist that our doctors do a thorough review of our records.

The film is paced like a horror story, and the cases Wilson follows are pretty horrible, especially if you're used to the two-weeks-of-antibiotics-and-you're-fine version of the disease. Unfortunately, some of his heroes come off as a bit crackpot. But his central point is rock-solid: This is a serious disease, spreading rapidly, and we need to pay it heed. See the film, then pull your socks up and stay on the sidewalk.

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