Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad news for voodoo priests

At the risk of getting a little ahead of myself, I'll be mentioning tomorrow that throughout history cholera has been notorious for exacerbating social tensions. Whatever tensions are simmering under the surface in a society it seems that an epidemic of cholera will cause them to explode into the open. Unfortunately we have seen this in the Haiti cholera epidemic with first rioting and now the killing of voodoo priests:
Voodoo priests in Haiti are being lynched by mobs who blame them for spreading cholera, the country's government has said. At least 45 people have been lynched in recent weeks as Haiti continues to be ravaged by a cholera epidemic.

Curiously voodoo had originally undergone a resurgence in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake (Voodoo: The old religion rises from the rubble in Haiti) but has not fared so well in the face of the cholera epidemic.

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