Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Uncultured Project

Talking about malaria this week in class made me remember a video that I saw on Youtube a while ago. Basically, a guy named Shawn, who was a grad student at Notre Dame, decided to do something about the poverty situation of the world, and moved to Bangladesh. Since then, he has been collecting donations in order to do as much as he can to help the people he has met. One of the things he's been doing is buying mosquito nets. Like we learned in class, these nets are inexpensive and can do wonders to prevent the spread of malaria. Below is a video that Shawn made specifically about malaria in Bangladesh.

You can also visit his Youtube channel or his website to find out how you can help him continue the good work that he's doing.

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John Latto said...

Interesting guy. There is a post on his blog that says very clearly what I should say in future about malaria funding. After pointing out that $18 billion of the $700 billion bank bailout went to paying executive bonuses he says:

'Whether or not you think this is a convenient time to be worried about fighting global poverty, let’s never again say there isn’t enough money.'