Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lost and found

There are things you want to find in a library book, and things you don't. I am an avid reader of books, both library books and used books, and usually come across fairly mundane items - I'd say boarding passes are the most common in used books and grocery store receipts are the most common in library books. However I have come across photographs, letters, and currency.

I don't know how many of you remember this story from a few years back about a librarian in Santa Fe who came across the least popular item ever to be inserted into a book - a small envelope of smallpox scabs. Eeeuww and Arggh!

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Elise Bell said...

I think I did read about this when it happened. Scary!
What I remember more than this story, though, is the kid's book I read about the same subject, Code Orange, by Caroline Cooney. In the book, a kid finds smallpox scabs in an envelope in a book, just like the real librarian did. Well, except for the fact that the librarian wasn't then pursued by terrorists hell-bent on stealing the smallpox scabs in order to bring down the United States...
It was a good book though, even if it was kind of far-fetched.