Sunday, March 1, 2009

Epidemiology & Public Health as a Career Option

To be completely honest, I selected EEMB 40 because it sounded like the most interesting course on the Winter 2009 Honors courses list. Soon, I found myself to really enjoy the material, possibly because it has a lot to do with public health, which I personally want to pursue in the future.

For those who might be interested, epidemiology is one of the five core disciplines offered at every CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accredited school. There are about 40 of these certified public health schools, including 4 in California (UC Berkeley, UCLA, San Diego States, & Loma Linda). The ASPH (Association of Schools of Public Health) lists possible career titles in the Epidemiology field: Director of Infectious/Chronic Diseases, Outcomes Researcher, CDC Investigator. Public health is very diverse and growing field; those pursuing a career in public health may work in a broad range of sectors.

A few websites I found to be very helpful. For some reason, I haven't been able to post links on my posts.

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