Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Straws

My little sister is in the Ecology Club at her middle school and she recently told me about these water purifiers called"LifeStraws"that they are trying to get people to donate to third world countries. The LifeStraw Personals are basically water purifying straws that people can use when they drink to prevent diseases transmitted through contaminated water . Besides the personal straws, people can also donate a LifeStraw Family, which is an "instant microbiological water purifier ".

More information about LifeStraw can be found at:
(The website also has other products aimed at fighting disease)

If anyone is interested in donating, let me know!


maggie said...

Yes absolutely! I was reading about Life Straws recently and I'm glad that younger students are becoming more involved with social issues around the world. I'll also try to get some of my friends to donate as well. Just let me know by when and how much you would like each person to give.

John Latto said...

I was curious about the cost of these devices (a couple of bucks) when I found this interesting BBC article

I think the WaterAid spokesman raises some very valid points BUT I also think the problem of inadequate clean water is probably so great that multiple solutions are required.

In terms of charity donation if you want to get the biggest 'bang for your buck' in terms of saving lives then providing clean water and sanitation is the way to go.

For more on this issue check out the WaterAid website

Oh and in the interest of encouraging middle school philanthropy I'll kick in a few bucks.

Carly McElroy said...

Thanks so much, I'm going to bring in an envelope on Monday and see if anyone in the class would also like to donate; any amount of money is more than welcome!