Thursday, January 15, 2009

Discovery of Penicillin

Dear Students of Ecology of Disease,

So this is now my second post and I decided I would focus my attention on short videos in order for all of you to gain knowledge through a different means then by reading. This video is about the discovery of Penicillin. We went over a lot of the details in lecture but in case any of you missed class or need a refresher this video is for you! Alexander Fleming is credited with the discovery of Penicillin after he left a petri dish out containing staphylococci. The bacteria seemed to be dying off because of a growth of what is now known as Penicillin. After his discovery Ernst Chain and Howard Florey further developed this antibiotic in order for it to be used in the human body. This video contains real footage of the laboratories and people involved in the discovery of this "miracle drug".

P.S. sometimes a preview for the history channel comes up first, but the video will appear right after.

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