Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TUESDAY SECTION - Role play assignment for next week

Wednesday section, you can disregard this post because I'll hand out your parts in section today.

For the Tuesday section, I'm posting the parts for the role play for next week in the links section on the blog. The role play is called An Outbreak in Zentonia. The panel members are: a medical doctor, a disease ecologist, a newspaper reporter, a US congress member, a citizen in Zentonia, and an environmentalist. Please select a part that you would like to play for next week. Additionally, you may choose to be an audience member ONLY IF YOU WERE A PANEL MEMBER LAST ROLE PLAY. If you were in the audience last time, you must choose a panel part this time.

To print your part, open the Word document from the link provided, and scroll down. The first page is the introduction and moderator part (that's me). The next few pages are the audience part. After that you will find one page for each part as you scroll down: the role is listed about halfway down each page under the heading "Your role."

My goal for this week is for everyone to really stay in their role. Try selecting a role that you don't necessarily agree with, and play Devil's Advocate. It's fun, and it'll make the discussion more interesting, since many of us may actually have similar opinions.

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