Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mad Cow

If I could be bothered I would have a t-shirt made that says 'Ask me anything about mad cow disease.' But I'll probably never get around to it so let's just pretend I have one. We didn't have much time to cover mad cow disease but I'm glad I was able to squeeze it into 20 minutes of summer's hectic schedule. If you have any questions about it please catch me in office hours or before or after lecture or by e-mail. As part of that generation that could have been killed it is a topic that has been of great interest to me. I'm also reminded of the subject every time they have a blood drive on campus (eg this week). There's something about knowing that your blood is considered too risky to be collected that brings the whole issue home. Even my wife who only spent a couple of years in England is not allowed to give blood.

As I think I wrote on an earlier post I'm not a vegetarian and don't have any particular agenda here. On the other hand, in the interests of full disclosure, I should say that since first doing some research about this issue in the mid-1990's I haven't actually felt like eating red meat....

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