Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Disease and human culture: next week's discussion section

Just to clarify, you will only be assigned to read ONE of the two papers for next week (either the Lafferty paper or the Fincher et al. paper)--Wednesday people, you will understand this tomorrow. I posted both papers on the blog in case you lost your copy I handed out or in case you were interested in reading both.

I realize that these papers might be a bit challenging (especially the methods section) for some of you who aren't very familiar with reading scientific papers. In my opinion that is part of the value of the exercise! However, if you're having trouble understanding part or all of your paper, please feel free to email me at mordecai@lifesci.ucsb.edu in the next week with questions. I want this to be a rewarding (not frustrating!) experience.

Also, to enhance our discussion, be thinking over the next week about examples of how cultural practice impact disease transmission, and how disease prevalence may in turn impact the development of human culture. Religious food and clothing taboos are interesting, for instance...

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