Monday, February 22, 2010

Embrace Life

We can often have a significant impact on disease prevalence in people simply by changing human behavior. We have seen examples of this with both AIDS and Lyme disease. But the big question is how do you change human behavior? One common method is the Public Service Announcement. With the rise of cable TV and the deregulation of the broadcasting industry in the 1980's the power of such ads to reach people has been diminished. However, the rise of the internet has now made it possible for locally produced Public Service Announcement to go viral and, for virtually no cost, reach an audience of millions overnight. What is interesting is that all the Cable news networks are now showing the video above, for free, and not as part of a public service announcement but because it is 'news' because everyone is watching it on the internet!

Although the video is not disease related (except for the potential Toxoplasmosis link) I would remind you that although your age group has a relatively low risk of death the number one cause of death (by a huge margin) is road traffic accidents.

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