Friday, February 12, 2010

Diseases are Fun!: Pandemic 2

 (this probably has already been posted, but it's a good start for my disease computer game series. Pandemic 1 is fine, but P2 is a far superior game)
A great disease simulation game, and one of many. In Pandemic II, you create a disease in which to infect and kill every human on the planet. Your disease can be a adaptable parasite, a well-rounded bacteria, or a rapidly-evolving virus. As you infect the world, you gain evolution points to upgrade or downgrade your disease.
   If you play, name the disease after yourself, and it you can get top ten on the leader-boards, you'll get some extra-credit!*
   Here is a hint. Try to infect all the countries before they shut down their borders, otherwise it will be IMPOSSIBLE to win the game.
   I'll post new games with descriptions, but feel free to look for them yourselves.

*disclaimer/joke: I have no authorization for giving any extra-credit. But if extra-credit was given for high-scores, I suggest a modest 0.1 point(s) for high-score per rank; that is, 1 point for first place, .9 for second, .8 for third, and so on. 10th place would be a whopping 0.1 extra-credit points.

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Annie said...

to even have a sliver of a chance of winning the game, you have to restart until your disease starts in MADAGASCAR. :)