Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Diseases are Fun!: Phage Wars 2

Another sequel! I played this game quite laboriously, causing me to procrastinate on an important paper, but whatever. In this game, you are a virus, and you must infect other cells on the 'map' whilst competing with other viruses for control of the entire map. It's rather tricky at first, but once you start sequencing your experimental virus with better and better upgrades, it becomes easier. But it can be a little too easy, and the lack of some options can make the game a little boring late game. Smarter AI, more options for upgrades, and possible multiplayer would make any future Phage Wars game a huge improvement. I really enjoyed the simple computer interface in-between rounds: very 80's retro Macintosh feel to it. If you discover a unstoppable strategy, try switching it up. The game loses it's charm if it's too easy.

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