Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'll talk about foreign aid a couple of times in the upcoming two weeks. Foreign Aid is one of the victims of the sequester. How you view foreign aid depends a lot on your worldview.

Here's are two commentaries on the effects of the sequester on foreign aid.

From US News and World Report: Don't Let Sequestration Cut Foreign Aid

(F)oreign assistance advances America's moral values and humanitarian interests by saving lives, fighting poverty and hunger, combating infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, promoting education, and bolstering democratic institutions.

Foreign assistance—properly understood—is neither national bribery nor altruistic charity, but rather strategic investment. 

For a contrary view here's an opinion piece from the Washington Times: Sequester solved: Sell national parks, stop foreign aid, leave Germany

Stop all foreign aid. This one seems self-explanatory. Really, how can a government that is forced to shut down justify borrowing money to hand out to other countries that don’t have to pay it back?

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