Monday, March 19, 2012


 Some suggestions for reviewing the class from previous TAs.

o   Biology of disease, symptoms, pathogenesis, reproduction, etc.?
o   What kind of organism causes it?
o   How is it transmitted? (direct, waterborne, vector, what vector?)
o   Can we treat this disease, how? Is it curable? Preventable?
o   How does this disease affect humans?  What kind of host are we for it?
o   How does ecology of host affect transmission, what happens when this ecology changes?

o   Use the Glossary to review the terms covered and their definitions.
o   You are responsible for all terms in the glossary that we covered in class, (I took a quick look and the only terms I see that we didn't cover this year are Endogenous retrovirus and retrovirus, plus Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome and Hantavirus 'sin nombre'.
o   Think about the context in which we learned each term: what disease were we studying? What concepts in epidemiology or ecology were we discussing? What other diseases does the term relate to?

o   Review how diseases relate to the theme of the week in which they were covered.  Do any diseases relate to themes covered in other weeks, how so?
o   Refer back to the Short Answer section of the Midterm and the quizzes to review concepts.  
o   Are there any diagrams used in lecture or reading which demonstrate and relate concepts?

o   Create a timeline to review when disease outbreaks and scientific discoveries happened, and when people were doing their work.  More than specific dates, focus on reviewing the context in which events/people were working, and when they were working relative to other’s work and other historical events.

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