Saturday, March 17, 2012


No essential information here but since I know people check in here before the exam here's something for you

The final will be a very similar format to the midterm. It will have:
20 Multiple choice questions worth 1 point each.
6 Presidential briefing document questions worth 2 points each (both have two words or phrases underlined that you need to provide a simple and clear definition of).
6 More general questions that the President has for you. These may not have a single correct answer.

This adds up to 44 points. I was going to give you a point for free but then realized I may as well collect some data. My first instinct was to have a question asking which President you imagined because I'm actually curious. Then I worried this would appear like I was interested in your political leanings - I'm not, I'm just curious which President the younger generation pictures when asked to imagine 'a President'. So the free question will ask:
Is there an infectious disease you would have liked to have seen covered in this class that we did not cover? 
Writing anything (even, 'no') will get you a point. I'm putting it here because you might want to think about this ahead of time. If there are a significant number of people who'd like to know about West Nile virus, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, or Chlamydia for example I can make sure I fit them into the class in the future.

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