Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Extra credit

Write an Op-Ed piece as if for a major newspaper on an issue related to the course that you feel strongly about. You do not have to agree with any opinions I may have voiced - you are, for example, welcome to argue that an individual's right to decide on their own healthcare outweighs the states desire to vaccinate people even if it costs lives.

Aim for about 500 words - long enough to say something, short enough that it doesn't turn into an essay.

A maximum of 5 points are available.

You can either give me a paper copy or e-mail it to me anytime before the end of the final day of class (Wednesday 28th July).

For some advice on writing Op-Ed pieces try:

By the way the Op-Ed section is often the most widely read section in the whole newspaper and you can submit your writing to a great many newspapers. Actual submission is not required for this assignment but it's a great way to get into print, get some exposure and get a cool addition to your resume.

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