Sunday, January 10, 2010

You're looking for what?

I have google analytics working behind the scenes on the blog. I don't really use it much, given that I'm not trying to sell anything, but every so often I like to see if anyone is actually reading the blog (yes, I know, it's very sad). Having done this I then always get amused by checking out the keywords that bring people to the site - basically I can tell what google search terms brought people to the site (but don't worry it doesn't tie the search term to a particular IP address, at least I don't think it does). This is usually for people not in the class who just stumble upon the blog. Given that I cover such a wide and eclectic range of material people end up here using a similarly wide and eclectic range of search terms. Here's a few that amused me:
  • scary squirrel world
  • biophysicist herbert levine's petri dishes
  • donald duck bird flu images
  • how to tell if your cow has mad cow disease
  • mustache facts
  • scary squirrel games
I wonder if it's the same person monitoring the scary squirrel world (and their games)? I hope the person seeking 'Mustache facts' found what they were looking for. I hope that your cow turned out be okay.

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