Friday, January 8, 2010

Millions of deaths...and Counting

Seven pandemics. Millions of lives lost. Cholera has impacted the course of history and continues to make a name for itself today. While there is still reason for concern regarding cholera outbreaks in developing parts of the world, medical advancements have greatly reduced the death rate. However, history shows that cholera may have disastrous effects if the correct prevention methods are not taken. Seven cholera pandemics have occurred worldwide since the 19th century and the disease continues to ravage in modern times. CBS News covers the seven major cholera outbreaks including the more recent outbreaks in Zimbabwe, as well as the possibility of an eighth pandemic due to the discovery of a new species of cholera bacteria in Bangladesh in 1992. ( Cholera has caused millions of deaths in the past and the number will only grow as the world searches for a way to provide clean drinking water in developing areas.

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John Latto said...

Interesting. Although we are done with our Cholera week we aren't quite done with the Cholera story and will return to it briefly in week 3. The latest pandemic, unfortunately, has a few new tricks up its sleeve.