Saturday, March 15, 2008

Keep Up Your Knowledge of Disease on the CDC Website

Checked out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's webpage yet? It is great site that shares various aspects of health concerned information. From everyday healthy living facts to environmental health issues to healthy travel tips to upcoming CDC initiatives and plans and their status in Washington, this site has it all. I was even able to look up exactly how the CDC Funds for State and Local Health Organizations were divided up in the state of California in 2007 (Click Here for the Chart). I was surprised to find that above the $54, 721,262 spent on AIDS and HIV related programs and the $52,577,481 spent on Immunization programs, Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response with $79, 458, 396 in funding in 2007 was the category that received the most financial support. Secondly, in comparison to those previously mentioned, the mere $527,948 spent on Heart Disease organizations was also quite a surprise.
The CDC website has much more great information and links so check it out and feed your interest in disease after the end of this course!

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