Friday, February 8, 2013


I post this every year but I think it could lead to some interesting discussion.

Knowing a little bit more about HIV/AIDS how do you feel about the information you were provided with as teenagers? The advert above comes dangerously close to scare mongering. The risk of a single act of unprotected sex is absolutely NOTHING like the risk of Russian roulette in terms of magnitude. However is that an acceptable exaggeration in order to make the point? Does the ad work? I'm actually not sure this MTV ad was used in the US. A previous YouTube posting suggested it was used in Portugal but that seems strange given the text is in English and the car number plate at the start looks British.

MTV ads that were on in the US include the FurTV ads (eg 'What is unsafe sex?'). These take a very different approach and use humor to get their point across. Is this better?

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