Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple questions, difficult answers

Lyme disease is, obviously, a much bigger news story in the North East. The New Haven Register recently published a number of articles about the disease and the issues involved. All the articles are fairly short, I'd recommend you read the first one and then any of the other questions that seem interesting.

LYME DISEASE: Simple questions, difficult answers as controversy endures

(M)uch about the corkscrew-shaped microorganism and the ills it causes continue to mystify disease specialists.

Why are some patients easily cured with antibiotics, while others continue to suffer for months or years? Why do some patients experience a mild illness, while others are practically immobilized?
Or if you'd just rather read about George Clooney's face...

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Dan Cooley said...

This was all over the news in the Northeast this spring: