Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 What caught my attention in this article was the publish date of the article because we will be learning about this in class tomorrow. And this certain type of tuberculosis does not yet have a cure which is exhilarating because we do not know what this disease can do to our bodies. Like how this can affect our world that we live in, and if vaccines can be made in time...most likely not. However, researchers say, "this bacterium can leave you on antibiotics for approx. 9 months"...which is crazy because I can't even handle being on antibiotics for a week!
      Here is the start of the article which came out yesterday, Jan. 16:
Experts have long feared the eventual arrival of a completely drug-resistant TB (tuberculosis) - a hospital in India has reported the nation's first cases of a type of tuberculosis for which there are no effective drugs, making the TB virtually untreatable. Other untreatable TBs have emerged over the last nine years; there have been reported cases in Iran and Italy. Most likely, there are many more cases that have never been documented, experts believe.

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