Thursday, June 23, 2011

New TB Vaccine

The current Tb vaccine, the BCG vaccine, has been in use since 1921 and there are concerns that its protection may wear off over time - ie the protection given by the vaccine is not lifelong.

A new vaccine, with the catchy name MVA85A has recently passed clinical trials but, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work as well when given with other vaccines:

MVA85A was deemed to be safe, well tolerated and induced a strong immune response. And importantly, the responses to the standard childhood vaccines were not affected by giving MVA85A at the same time. But the immune response prompted by MVA85A was lower in infants who received it with standard childhood vaccines, compared with those who got it alone.
"It's reassuring to see that MVA85A does not affect immunity to the other vaccines," said Helen McShane of Oxford University, who helped develop the new shot. But she said scientists would now need to find the best way to integrate MVA85A into infant immunization plans in future without limiting its effect.

Report,  New TB Vaccine Passes Safety Tests, But proves less effective when given with other immunizations at Voice of America.

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