Friday, June 25, 2010

More Creepy

I posted previously on the splendidly creepy Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, complete with body chute:

The Body Chute was once used to transport the bodies of deceased TB patients from the hospital to the bottom of the hill to waiting hearses or trains. At the peak of the TB epidemic, many patients died everyday. In order to keep morale up and not upset living patients, the hospital administration decided to use the Body Chute to discretely send bodies away from the hill.

Because of the prevalence of Tuberculosis Sanataria were once quite abundant but within a few short years drug discoveries removed the need for them. There are still a number of long abandoned Sanataria out there. I think I'll continue the series with the Seaview Hospital complex.

Built between 1905 and 1938 it was, at one time
, the largest tuberculosis hospital at a time when fresh air was considered the most effective treatment of "the white plague." The first drug trials leading to a cure for 'consumption' were made at Seaview Hospital.

Now it's just creepy. Let's hope (or better still plan) so we don't need them again......

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