Friday, March 12, 2010

Review part 1

Thank you to everyone who has posted here this quarter and thanks for being a great class. Seriously, I have enjoyed teaching the class this quarter, I thought the lectures were nicely interactive - lots of good questions from the audience.

I'll continue to post here up until the final next Friday and I'll be posting some questions for review. I will eventually post some additional exam format questions in the links on the right but I'll also post more general review type questions here. Let's see, here's some simple definitions to get you started. For best value try explaining these to someone else.

What's the difference between:
  • A dead end host and a definitive host?
  • Reassortment and transformation
  • An antibiotic and an antibody?
  • A vector and a vaccine?
  • A viral swarm and a cytokine storm?
  • Antigen shift and antigen drift?

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